Our Story

Benny’s was founded while founder, Benjamin “Benny” Shepherd was in college.

about benny's While playing college lacrosse with a focused study in marketing and business management Benny had a deep rooted desire to continue to compete and make an impact in the ‘real world’ post graduation. While being interviewed Benny said, “I began to start asking myself the question, ‘If I was who I want to be [as an adult], then what would I want?’ then boom, Benny’s!” “I would be a self-made multi-millionaire, working busy days in my business, my biggest investment would be my real estate, my kids might be grown up and out of the house or I might just be tired of them leaving my windows streaky or taking 10 years to power wash the deck when I ask them to. Then, I would want one professional company that serves me on demand with various things that keep my property looking immaculate. Pressure washing long island. I thought to myself if I could just go to one person,website, phone number and automatically have all of my things taken care of, I could request consultation about large project ideas and get an educated opinion and transparent pricing I could trust that would be the best company ever! It would basically do everything I don’t want to do in one place” said Benny as he chuckled, “I might as well create it.” With a long work experience and family background in service based businesses, inherent leadership qualities as a team leader through sports, and a gritty work ethic, Benny’s felt like a calling to its founder. We aim for Benny’s to become a household name. We believe that if we can leverage our marketing and branding to reach homeowners and then actually make their homeownership experience significantly more pleasurable, then our own clients’ will be the driving force towards reaching that goal.

Our Core Values

We follow a few simple principles:

  • Reliability:You can rely on Benny’s, no matter the season, for at least one of your property’s service needs and you can trust that we will render each and every service to your utmost satisfaction.

    • Convenience:Benny’s is like the amazon or walmart of home services. The peace of mind that comes with entrusting a single, locally owned and operated service with a multitude of your seasonal demands is unmatched. Becoming a Benny’s member is sure to make year-round property management a breeze.

    • Flexibility: Our residential and commercial services are available 24/7 and we pride ourselves in our flexibility to schedule estimates around your availability. Whether it be Sunday mornings or late evenings after work, we understand and we are happy to provide free at home estimates whenever it is most convenient for you.

    • Communication:We have implemented many communication systems that allow us to respond to any/all of your questions and concerns in a timely manner. We also have alert systems that will notify you when our crew is on the way, who the crew members are that will be working at your home, when we begin work, and the time that the work was completed. We know that quick, consistent communication is pinnacle to providing an outstanding customer experience.

    • Quality: We are absolutely committed to excellence in our craftsmanship and we personally guarantee that we will not accept payment unless you are completely satisfied with your service. We work diligently to recruit, hire, and train talented individuals to work with Benny’s and we do not let any of our technicians work independently on a client’s property prior to studying our handbook completing our hands-on training program.

Offering Complete Residential & Commercial Home Services in Long Island & Westchester County.